shown at…

25.8.-29.8.2011 – Nobordercamp Bulgaria:

30.6.-3.7.2011 – Fusion Festival (in Germany):

3.-10.Juni 2011 – Festival Contre le Racisme 2011 in Hannover:

27.-29.Mai 2011 – Grenzfrei Festival in Münster:

January 2011 – Exhibition in the University Hamburg – Foyer der Sozialwissenschaften, Allende Platz 1. It is the second time the Exhibition is shown there, first time was at 19.11.-08.12.2010 – During the protests against the meeting of the interior ministers of Germany in Hamburg (form more information:

10.-12.12.2010 –  During “No Border Lasts Forever” – Conference to draw balances and look for perspectives of antiracist movements – in Frankfurt/ Germany, Campus of the University in Franfurt-Bockenheim (for more information: